Tax season… your busy season. You need to stay up and running with zero down time. Ensuring that you have the expertise to back you up is critical to stay productive and keep your clients happy. When looking for IT services for your accounting firm, you want to make sure that your provider is not only there year-round but gives you extra support during tax season. You need support that proactively monitors, recognizes, and eliminates computer issues before they arise.

Accounting Firms are required to have necessary security controls and data protection in place to ensure client data is protected and securely stored in a manner that meets compliance guidelines. A single data breach can be disastrous to any CPA firm, large or small. Your staff needs constant access to their computer systems, and your computer networks must be reliable.

At the end of the day, you need IT support that understands your unique requirements; you need to keep your tax and accounting programs up-to-date, prevent data loss, protect client data, and keep your accounting firm safe. LGA IT Solutions will provide these technological needs as well as help you streamline your operations for greater productivity.