Not only are you responsible for taking care of your patient’s health, a big job in itself, but you’re also responsible for safeguarding your patient’s data and maintaining HIPAA compliancy. LGA IT Solutions believes you shouldn’t have to be concerned about properly storing data or worry if you’re in compliance. We want to alleviate your IT worries so you can focus on your patients.

With LGA IT Solutions, you’ll have access to IT specialists who will ensure your technology is secure and reliable. We work with you to make sure your IT system is always up, so you can focus on your clients more effectively. Your patients’ confidence is as essential as their satisfaction and comfort. We take proactive care of your systems and data to make sure both you and your client’s information is safe and secure. We are here to help ensure your IT functions operate at peak performance, to help protect the privacy of your patients’ records, and to help with compliance to required HIPAA regulations. Not only do your patients need to feel at ease in your care, they also need to know that their records are secure. LGA IT Solutions will integrate your backup procedures to ensure fast and easy recovery in the event of technology failures.

Technological growth is never ending; fortunately, we're here to support your technology assets and protect your patient’s data – LGA IT Solutions. We take our commitment to you seriously and will move just as fast as you do. While you’re caring for your patients, we are here to protect your information with proactive security and preventative monitoring. Just like you, we never sleep – we guarantee continual support for your systems.