Law Firms

Law firms tend to have multilayered needs when it comes to information technology, including a need to create and store massive amounts of data and ensuring their network remains secure to keep clients’ information confidential. We know it’s not easy to stay on top of your clients’ demands and comply to security regulations.

LGA IT Solutions is here to help you protect your clients’ confidential data, email encryption, and network security. Our team will work with you to secure your systems against threats that could leave you vulnerable and work with you on comprehensive security solutions. LGA IT Solutions partners with Datto to ensure data backup and business continuity so that your records are safe and easily recoverable. Along with security, we can help keep your staff productive through cloud solutions, hosted email, and file sharing that enables your team to access information from any location. LGA IT Solutions can meet all your IT needs so you can spend your time helping your clients. We proactively maintain your systems with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance so that you can avoid unexpected downtime and maintain productivity.

We get it, you want worry-free technology that works when you need it. LGA IT Solutions is going to help you achieve that. We’re here to help you balance your workload and manage your time through effective technology that’s designed for your firm.