Small & Mid-Sized Business

Most small business owners have a worry list that’s a mile long. Technology should not be one of them. Are you confident in your network security, data protection, and cybersecurity solutions? Are you sure that your IT system complies with PCI security standards, HIPAA, or other industry and government regulations? Are you certain that you will always have access to your data? LGA IT Solutions will remove technological concerns from your list, allowing you to focus on your business.

With LGA IT Solutions, you’ll have access to IT specialists who will ensure your technology is secure and reliable, and who can guide you on the most effective solution for your business. We partner with your business to make sure your IT system is always up, so you can focus on your business more effectively. We take proactive care of your systems to anticipate your needs and make sure both you and your client’s information is safe and secure. LGA IT Solutions also recognizes that any amount of downtime is money lost; we partner with Datto to maintain business continuity and backup solutions so that you are always able to access your data and your business stays up and running.

You take careful, attentive care of your clients and we promise to do the same for you. With LGA IT Solutions you will have a team of Information Technology experts at your disposal, all committed to helping your business achieve its goals.