How to Stay Safe on the Internet, Part 4

It's important to understand "trust" in computing. Here, trust is bad. | Stay Safe on Internet Part 4

Windows 10: The Beginning of the End for Control Panel

Microsoft is rolling out a change that redirects users to the Windows 10 About page when trying to open the System control panel. | Windows 10: The beginning of the End

Can Private Browsing Keep You Safe?

With private browsing — also called Incognito Mode  browsing session are immediately discarded without a trace as soon as you close the browser. | Private Browsing

How to Stay Safe on the Internet, Part 3

Some people are at risk of being hacked -- how do you know if you are one of them? Like conventional criminals, criminal hackers choose easy and lucrative targets. | Stay Safe on Internet Part 3

Windows 10 2004: We're already looking into these 10 issues, says Microsoft

Despite extra testing of the Windows 10 May 2020 update, the rollout has already thrown up multiple driver problems. | Windows 10 2004

How to Stay Safe on the Internet, Part 2

In theory, user profiles in mined datasets are anonymized. Ad companies don't care who you are, just what ads you want to see. | Stay Safe on Internet P2

Coronavirus Related Cyberattacks Surge

Over the past three weeks, Check Point found 192,000 coronavirus-related cyberattacks per week, a 30% surge compared with the previous weeks.
Tech Republic | Coronavirus Cyberattacks Surge

How to Stay Safe on the Internet, Part 1

In the context of digital security, everything essentially takes the form of information, so you need to think long and hard about what information you're guarding. | Stay Safe on Internet P1

COVID-19 Security Resource Library

The National Cyber Security Alliance has compiled a list of resources to help individuals and organizations during the COVID-19 crisis.
National Cyber Security | COVID-19 Resource Library