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LGA IT Solutions offers an aggregation of technology solutions your company can depend on. Improve your company from the inside-out with industry-leading IT solutions ranging from Compliance & Regulations, System Backups, Hardware Replacement and more. We are here to assist you overcome your specific IT challenges.

Asset Recycling & Disposition

If your IT disposal procedures rely on erasing, reformatting, or wiping old hard drives, then you and your customers may still be exposed to vulnerabilities. If your drives are physically intact, then all private information could still be retrieved. Safeguard your company’s sensitive information, as well as comply with software licensing agreements, state and federal data security and privacy laws, and regulations requiring protection of your stored data.

Business Continuity

With the increasing threats that are undermining business operations, being proactive rather than reactive is critical.

Hardware failure, loss of power, cyber-attacks, malware, or inadvertent human error… Businesses experience data loss for a variety of reasons, most are unexpected. Assessing and revamping your business continuity program helps to ensure that you are prepared when an incident disrupts your business.

We are here to help you safeguard the IT and technology infrastructure of your business.

Cloud Services

Managing Information Systems can be challenging and waste unnecessary management resources; our cloud computing offers an on-demand availability of computer systems, including data storage and computing power, without wasting your companies’ resources. Our highly secure virtual machines can be deployed and utilized from anywhere, and are proven to reduce costs, increase performance, flexibility and accessibility, while increasing the security of your data.

Compliance & Regulation

HIPAA sets the standard for sensitive patient data protection. Companies that deal with protected health information must have physical, network, and process security measures in place and follow them to ensure HIPAA Compliance. Implementing the proper course of action for compliance with regulations applicable to the healthcare industry is critical in managing potential risks to your sensitive health information.

LGA IT Solutions specializes in HIPAA and related compliance regulations by providing assessments, ongoing analysis, and training to get your team up to speed on the latest HIPAA procedures. We have the experience and qualifications to implement HIPAA standards and ensure your company is meeting those standards. We are here to help you safeguard the IT and technology infrastructure of your business with 24/7 compliance monitoring year in and year out.

Are you PCI compliant?
Any business, no matter how big or small, that accepts credit cards are subject to PCI compliance and regulations to protect your clients against data breaches. These rules require retailers to adhere to strict security protocols and standards. PCI compliancy specifications are continually changing with the constantly evolving technology that surrounds it. Being proactive about meeting PCI standards for your company can help alleviate security breaches and fines issued for non-compliance.

LGA IT Solutions specializes in PCI and related compliance regulations by providing assessments to get your company up to speed with the latest procedures and protocols. We have the experience and qualifications to implement standards and ensure your company is meeting required standards year in and year out.

Data & System Backups

There are three realizations to understand about your data: all computer systems crash; all humans error; and disasters happen when least expected or are least prepared. Protect your business and all its data from IT disasters like hardware malfunctions, human error, malicious attacks, and Mother Nature herself. Your data is valuable, and it will cost you time and effort to recreate it, assuming you even can. When it comes to backups, paranoia is in the job description.

Your business data is the backbone of your business; the backup and recovery of that data are a critical part of running your business. A University of Texas study showed that 43 percent of businesses that suffered major data loss never reopened. When it comes to your data and network systems, a backup can literally save your business; and when it comes to your business, you should have total confidence that all your data is backed up — not just parts of it. LGA IT Solutions will ensure consistent and reliable backup of your critical data, making it easy to recover the information that is the lifeblood of your business.

Automatic hourly backups ensure you can restore your data as well as provide guaranteed security with HIPAA compliance and 256-bit AES encryption. LGA IT Solutions partners with Datto and Carbonite to protect your systems from site-wide outages for Business Continuity. We are here to help keep your business running even if your entire site goes down! In the event of a local disaster such as a fire or flood, your protected servers and workstations can be recreated in the secure Datto Cloud in a matter of minutes.

Hardware Replacement

LGA IT Solutions offers onsite and/or remote hardware maintenance and replacement services with vendor discounted pricing. We have the experience and expertise to recommend the newest and most efficient hardware for your business needs or repair current hardware systems. Our technicians work with you to determine if your current hardware can be configured or upgraded. If our recommendations are to replace hardware, we discuss your current and future needs, and together we make the right decisions for your business. When needed for critical operations, a range of spare equipment is on hand that can be quickly and efficiently installed by our team of service technicians during the interim.

If your business is looking for maintenance or upgrades to any part of your IT environment, LGA IT Solutions has the resources and vendor relationships to meet your needs.

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Website and email are two basic needs of every business and adds credibility to the company’s professionalism. Hosting a website and email with the same custom domain can go a long way in improving your professional image and serves as a unique online identity for your business.

LGA IT Solutions offers flexible access Hosting services for both your website and email. Experience your own professional email identity without the maintenance, cost, and resources typically required to host your email internally. We offer a full range of email server hosting packages as well as renewing and registering your domain names for up to ten years. All hosting packages include spam and virus protection, provide complete security, and web based remote administration.

A quality web host should demonstrate plenty of server space, reputable uptime rates, and reliable, competent on-call customer service. LGA IT Solutions is committed to providing that service to you. Register, renew and manage all your Domain Names through LGA IT Solutions. 


Security is a critical consideration for anyone connecting to the Internet. Every network, no matter how large or small, is vulnerable to cyber-attacks, malicious intruders, and destructive viruses. Now, more than ever, businesses should be concerned with their level of defense against a multitude of security threats from both outside (internet) and inside your network.

LGA IT Solutions provides the security essentials for your business by utilizing a multi-layered blend of hardware and software to ensure that our client networks are protected from unauthorized intrusion, virus, and malware corruption. In addition, we strongly recommend regular network maintenance and automated implementation of security patches and updates to ensure that your network maintains the highest level of security protection possible. Ongoing monitoring of any network is important as malicious intruders are constantly developing new ways to breach current security technology. Software and hardware must quickly adapt to the ever-changing threats that have become a daily part of our networking existence.

Considering the fast pace of IT, security planning for your business can be overwhelming; LGA IT Solutions is here to remove the fear, working with you to assure the right solutions are in place to protect your organization.  It’s never too late to incorporate a sound security and antivirus protection scheme into your business or home network. LGA IT Solutions will assist you every step of the way.